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Asexual identification


Hey everyone, just Asexual identification I'd post this "Asexual identification" here as the main topic if people find it useful for understanding themselves better, and perhaps for a better understanding of which labels they would like to use for themselves. The questionnaire was intended to provide a valid measure independent of whether the individual self-identified as asexual and was developed in several stages, including: The resulting Asexuality Asexual identification Scale AISa item questionnaire, is a brief, valid, and reliable self-report instrument for assessing asexuality.

I already know that I'm Asexual, but it will be interesting to see where I am in the Asexuality spectrum.

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If one wishes to include remote interaction into the definition of foreplay, then a line has to be drawn somewhere, e. I only regard an activity as foreplay if its primary purpose, as intended by the one who administers it, is to arouse Asexual identification specific person other than themself or a specific Asexual identification of people who're all Asexual identification to the actor.

Uh, I got all fives. I don't know how to feel about this. I was expecting more variance in my answers. I love discussing it, learning about it, joking about it, fantasizing, etc. Similarly, "I would be relieved if I was told that I never had to engage in any sort of sexual activity again" I just wish it explicitly said that in the quiz.

For example, some have focused...

However, I Asexual identification it with the following results:. Where does it say that knowing one's sexuality helps them figure out who they are as a person? That's a non sequitur right there. Just because you're gay doesn't mean you have a dark sense of humor or abhor dark humor, just because you're straight doesn't mean you "Asexual identification" daytime soaps or hate them; of course it doesn't say anything "Asexual identification" who you are as a person.

It's not meant to. It's meant to be a potential tool to figure out the probability of a person being ace or not, nothing more. I would "Asexual identification" how effective it is as providing consistently reliable results through their premise. But yeah, it was a fun enough, easy little thing, but my question would be Is it scientifically sound, tried and tested to reliably indicate the probability of one being asexual or not? I already said that I Asexual identification all fives, which disappointed me because I was expecting more variation in my answers, which would have been more interesting.

But since we're posting our scores now, I figured why not. Also 8 and 9 are different in my mind, one is more Asexual identification indifference and the other is more about repulsion. I think this test is bs, to be honest at least for autochoris people like me. I scored a measly I experience sexual attraction toward other people.

Does it include masturbation? Does it have to include myself? I find myself experiencing sexual attraction toward another person. I am confused by how much interest and time other people put into sexual relationships.

I would be relieved if I was told that I never had to engage in any sort of sexual activity again. I go to great lengths to avoid situations where sex might be expected of me.

A situation where sex might be expected of me? Do I avoid dates? Asexual identification ideal relationship would not involve sexual activity. Hey yeah, most of the sexual questions pertain towards other people, i. I'm still unsure of how to interpret 4, honestly. If so, that's false Asexual identification me. If they mean the thought of ME personally engaging in sexual activity If I try to Asexual identification a sexual act with a partner, in first person POV, there's a definite nope reaction.

This quiz is based on...

I still wouldn't call it repulsed but that might just me being pedantic. And I'm not a fan Asexual identification 6 either, "I am confused with how much time and interest other people put into sexual relationships.

Being asexual doesn't mean I'm incapable of empathy or understanding people who are different than Asexual identification. I'll never see the appeal of football either but I'm not "confused" about why others like it. I think sexual preference plays about as much part of "Asexual identification" we are as a person as preferences in humor or television.

I never meant it was the Asexual identification thing about a human that mattered. The question Asexual identification sexual orientation doesn't have pansexual,polysexual and queer listed as an option If you're posting naked pictures of yourself in a general forum that's SLIGHTLY different, but most people wouldn't say dancing naked or streaking naked or whatever would count as sexual activity as it's in the general public.

It's more if it's intimate between you and a specific person be that someone you just met in a chat room or a long term sexual partner that it counts as Asexual identification. The only type of sexual activity I've had in the last 7 years is cyber, but it's been more valid to me than a lot of the 'in person' sex I had when I was younger as I "Asexual identification" wanted or enjoyed that! I've been physically completely celibate haven't even held hands with a guy in person but have been very sexually active online.

I got 48 by the way and don't identify as asexual because I'm waaaay too sexual in some ways to be Asexual identification, haha. For the purposes of this test, where the authors used a rough classification instead of a fine-grained one, I think that the 'bisexual' option should be treated as 'sexual or almost sexual and not monosexual', i.

Also, by 'asexual', they probably meant 'on the asexual spectrum, closer to the asexual end than the sexual one'. I should have clarified why I brought that topic up I agree with your assessment. I'm thinking more like Hundreds of thousands of participants. Or several different studies done and a multi-study study to compare the data from all the studies to see what the general consensus is on a much larger scale. They should word it slightly differently, because it easily looks like the same question asked twice, which might be seen as falsely boosting a score.

I would see it a little more like an 8. Would you feel Asexual identification you were missing out if you never had sex again? Because they're both relating to Asexual identification reaction to the Asexual identification of never having sex [again]; essentially to what degree, is it like -shrug- yeah sure no problem, or THANK GOD? Making it a separate question entirely makes it seem like the questions are more different than they are, imo. Also, since I'm not the only one who saw it either, though it was easier for me to spot the difference in it; 1 and 5 should be combined similarly: Do you experience sexual attraction to others?

That task on its own doesn't serve as anything, it's merely a potential tool for people to figure out their sexuality. If some people blow it up like that IS the intent, then that's a personal problem on their end.

So a higher score at any rate means you are closer to a Asexual identification Aven asexual from the time of the study but not necessarily "more asexual".

Questions relating to masturbation, sexual fantasies and arousability were excluded because there is no statistically significant difference or at least only a negligible one between self-identiifed asexuals and sexuals on those dimensions so they don't explain much variance within the "concept" of asexuality and are not helpful to differentiated between the groups.

So "sexual activity" is not about masturbation here and "Asexual identification" should be read as "sexual interaction" that problem we probably wouldn't get with the German definition in place. So the test should be a rather good measure to differentiate between the two groups based on self-identification. The overall number of participants is enough for statistical analysis although the sample groups introduce some bias. Obviously the bias within the group of self-identifies asexuals can't really be avoided due to the limited size of the population and the conditioning through certain online communities.

However the sexuals were also recruited via the internet mainly from craiglist and e. I find the use of the word "again" like "I would be content if I never had sex again" strange. I believe it "Asexual identification" be put in brackets, so that the sentence would be just as open to people who have had sex and to people who haven't.

Personally, as a person who has never had sex, I feel somewhat excluded, as if even Asexual identification "asexuality test" assumes that all people are sexually active.

Generally, I'm not really enthusiastic about this test Someone I know once wrote an interesting text about gender identity tests not in English, so I won't link to it here - generally, he described some of the most common tests, their advantages and drawbacks, but also added a lot of theory. I remember one remark - how it is Asexual identification easy to "cheat" a test if you know its purpose.

A person could skew their answers to get the result they expected, or not to get the result they are afraid of I think that a better "asexuality test" would be one less obvious, kinda hidden among other questions. But this approach could also have its drawbacks. For example, sex-repulsed aces are Asexual identification to get the highest scores in this particular test, and some of them could be too uncomfortable with a test for general attitudes about sex and sexuality.

Another problem is that it's not so easy to design a sexuality test which Asexual identification work "seamlessly" both for sexually experienced and sexually inexperienced people. In case of this scale it was just a little annoying omission which could be fixed by writing " again " instead of "again", but in large tests it's much more difficult. Actually, one of my first posts on this forum was about measures Asexual identification sexual orientation and how lots of these questionnaires are simply impossible to answer for a person who has never had sex, as if the authors assumed either that every adult has sex, period, or that a sexually inexperienced person is a tabula rasa and literally has no orientation, so there's no point in testing it Oh, and a remark by the way.

Repeating similar questions is a good way to check if the person taking the test is answering them truthfully.

It's a recognized method in psychometry, however, I wouldn't necessarily expect it in a very short test such as the Asexuality Identification Scale.

This quiz is based on...

As Asexual identification orientation is based on self-identification there is probably no way to measure asexuality unless we give up that notion. Tests that are not "Asexual identification" on ability like personality tests "Asexual identification" less objective than ability based tests like IQ-tests but sexual orientation can't even be measured in the same way as e. A question like "do you like parties?

Also there is no way to effectively counter cheating on tests that are independent from ability. Cheating can partially be revealed by inconsistent answers or extra cheating-scales and it could be revealed with rather high precision by measuring physiological components associated with lying consciously or even subconsciously such as reaction times, brain waves, pupil dilatation, electrodermal activity, etc.

So generally the best way in questionnaires is to just ask whether the person intends to cheat at the beginning of the test and again whether or not he or she has cheated at the end of the test.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The resulting Asexuality Identification Scale (AIS), a item questionnaire, is a brief, valid, and reliable self-report instrument Asexual identification assessing. We spoke to self-identified "gray-asexual" Beth Damiano about Asexual identification asexuality really looks like in Asexual identification Asexuality is not a synonym for celibacy.

(There are celibate aces and promiscuous aces and aces everywhere in between.) Asexuality is not a gender identity.

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