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Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics


Anti-Muslim activists often attempt to foment hatred against Muslims by claiming that Islam is inherently anti-queer. While homophobia certainly still exists in American Muslim communities, as a whole, American Muslims are slowly becoming more accepting of homosexuality.

A Pew Research Center survey conducted this year found that 52 percent of U. Muslims say homosexuality Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics be accepted by society. In contrast, only 34 percent of white evangelical Protestants believed in that homosexuality should be accepted by society.

The rate at which white evangelicals are shifting their views is slower than the rate for Muslims.

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White evangelicals shifted their views by 11 percentage points between and Queer Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics and Muslim Americans have both been harmed in recent years by policies and rhetoric that threaten the safety and wellbeing of their communities.

At the same time, white evangelical Protestants seem to be blind to the discrimination faced by both groups. Evangelical Protestants are the largest religious group in Americamaking up a little more than a quarter of all Americans. And with the election of President Donald Trump, evangelical leaders have gained a significant foothold in "Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics" White House.

Evangelicals are also one of the religious groups most likely to hold negative feelings towards Muslims.

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They tend to believe that Islam encourages violence 63 percent and that there is a natural conflict between Islam and democracy 72 percent. On issues affecting "Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics" people, white evangelicals often stand out from other American religious groups. And while 63 percent of American adults support same-sex marriage, only 34 percent of white evangelical Protestants say the same. Surveys show that white evangelical Protestants are more likely to say that Christians face a lot of discrimination in Evangelicals and homosexuality statisticsthan they are to say the same of Muslims.

White evangelicals are the least likely religious group to say gay and lesbian Americans confront a lot of discrimination in the U. While support for marriage equality is rising among younger evangelicalsthe "Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics" is on the whole still very much against queer rights.

But increasingly, I think there is a growing regressive wing of Evangelicalism that wants to return to an idealized and fictionalized past Shifting attitudes towards homosexuality in American Muslim communities have been driven by a few key groups. College graduates have bumped up 32 points in the same time period. Muslim activists and scholars are particularly noticing the change in mindset happening among younger Muslims.

Millennial Muslims are more likely to be accepting of homosexuality 60 percent than Muslims of older generations. This may be related to the Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics that American Muslim adults are significantly younger than the overall U.

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About 35 percent of American Muslims are between 18 and 29 years old. Twenty-one percent of the general U. There are faith leaders who openly support gay youth, mosques and community centers where queer Muslims are welcomedand Muslim leaders and entertainers who are publicly out. While Muslims have signaled an openness Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics supporting LGBTQ Americans in general, Arshad said some are hesitant about offering that same level of support to queer Muslims.

This year, Muslims for Progressive Values, an advocacy group, partnered with the Human Rights Campaign to set up a joint booth at the convention.

Arshad said she found the data from the Pew survey particularly encouraging because of how anti-Muslim activists often use LGBTQ rights issues as an excuse to discriminate against Muslims. She pointed to how President Donald Trump used the Pulse nightclub massacre in Florida to drum up support for his proposed Muslim ban.

Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics more than ever, we need dialogue and brave spaces to bridge our various communities and this trend within the Muslim community is promising.

It increased by 25 percentage points. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics you. David McNew via Getty Images Women demonstrate in support of a "Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics" by a federal judge in Seattle that grants a nationwide temporary restraining order against the presidential order to ban travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries, at Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport on February 4, in Los Angeles, California.

Some of their responses have been edited for clarity. Go to mobile site. A new survey shows a dramatic shift in attitudes toward favoring gay marriage among a younger generation of white evangelicals, a "Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics." Within Christianity, there are a variety of views on sexual orientation and homosexuality.

Some evangelical churches accept homosexuality and Evangelicals and homosexuality statistics gay. and that certain Biblical figures had homosexual relationships, such as Ruth. White evangelicals shifted their views by 11 percentage points between and Muslims' acceptance of homosexuality shot up by

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