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Hook up house speakers your car

Sexy Photo Hook up house speakers your car.
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Do they just hook up? My buddies planning on having a little party out in the middle of knowwhere, camping out for the night.

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He doesnt know what to do for speakers Ive got some JVC home stereo unit thing, 5 cd changer and watts or something, but its fairly loud. I was hoping that you could simply run speaker wire from the deck to the ho,me stereo speakers????? Most seem to have only a red and black wire that goes into the speaerk Will it work just fine? Send a private message to W O T. Rather than cut into your car stereo, Hook up house speakers your car would just get a power inverter and bring the entire home stereo with you.

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Ever hear of a boom box? Send a private message to suspendedHatch.

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Find More Posts by suspendedHatch. Mini system Audio Output Mode: Stereo Audio Output Effects: Extended Super Bass Equalizer: Digital graphic, Yes Output Wattage: Digital Radio Bands Supported: Dual cassette deck Cassette Control Type: Full-logic Supported Bias Type: High, Normal Auto Reverse: Yes Cassette Song Search: Single load CD Load Type: I agree with suspendedHatch Get an inverter, something like this The short answer would be Send a private message to fcm.

Find More Posts by fcm. And if I hook these home audio speakers posted above into a clarion dpx Only thing I dont get is if I need to hook up an amp along with the ones I posted They come rated watts, running off my Sony deck, I dont know if an amp is necearry or not. If you use an amp you will definitely have more output.

My buddies planning on having...

And what is rated at W, the BG? Take my word for it the only way that system is going to make W is WSBL, and its "rated" output wattage has little to do with the speakers continuous power handling, [RMS].

Here is another suggestion, whatever you end up with, bring along a spare fully charged batt. So I can just simply, unplug my rear speakers and plug in the new speaker box which has 3 speakers and it should work without causing a fire? Nothing bads gonna happen?

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Or will that not work and just start wiring up my clarion amp. BG haha, funny stuff.

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Send a private message to Civic DX 4dr. Ditto the above, no flames.

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Send a private message to 00preludesh. Find More Posts by 00preludesh. I guess theres no harm in just hooking them up and seeing how they sound if there no good, come back here for some help wiring them into my amp.

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Send a private message to dc24me. Find More Posts by dc24me.

Need Integra GSR speaker and tweeter wire diagram with wire colors. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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