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How do you spot a lesbian

Naked Pictures How do you spot a lesbian.

You never know when a lesbian is in your neighborhood, driving their car down your street, or shopping next to you at the grocery store. We have selected 15 of the items from this list to share with you today and have illustrated these items with helpful photographs. As you can see, they were clearly completely right about everything and In parentheses you will find the year in which the cited medical journal was printed.

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I wish you all luck in identifying and executing lesbians in your neighborhood as you see fit. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her on twitter and instagram.

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The prize is a toaster oven but you have to infect a straight woman with the lesbian virus first. I mostly agree, except for the athletic part. I hate needlepoint and sports. Autostraddle Editor-In-Chief Riese is a lucky lady. Uses slang, but I talk softly — Semi-check!

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Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3! Oh and I totally laughed my ass off at this list as well, so thanks Autostraddle! I now want to come up with my own list, just for shits and giggles. In my mom would be the lesbian, not me. And according to 6, Marie Curie was a lesbian.

I would take them apart and use the legs as bats and the heads as balls. Fuck, I hated playing with dolls. I remember some girl inviting me over to play and she had all her dolls lined up in a circle and tea cups, well, I took one look at that and cut that invitation short.

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I walked home a few houses down semi annoyed and complained to my parents that she wanted to play dolls with me, like it was some abomination. My poor Barbies went through an endless parade of basic action-flick plots: Hell, I still have trouble finding people like that.

By age 7 I had done a hackjob of haircuts on all my barbies Butch Barbie? Is this a thing yet?

Naturally we then drew all over his naked ken body with red permanent marker—blood, obviously. I naturally gave the Barbie a mohawk to match mine.

She looked like she got electrocuted, lulz. I was too young to know her hair was not real, but synthetic.

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Of course, I admitted this to my mom when I was a lot older and apparently, she had no idea what I was doing with her stuff. Curious, little antiant was curious and still is. All these Barbie stories are fantastic, it reminds me of this site: I gave my barbies alternative lifestyle haircuts long before alternative lifestyle haircuts were a thing.

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Look at that fucking 5-year-old hipster. I remember taking the firefighter truck from the boy next door, even though my mom bought me all kind of Barbies.

That was until I lost my life playing Pokemon. I really like undressing my Barbie Dolls, especially when they came out with those newer ones with the rubbery and a tiny bit more realistic waists.

I was a little too old for Barbies when they were made, but also really excited and overly obsessed with dolls that looked like replicas of girls in bikinis on the beach. Up until I was about 14, when I would get upset due to being tired or whatever and thus annoying to my parentsI would then go to my room, find How do you spot a lesbian toy box and take out my toys like dolls and Lego, and would just play with that for a little while and I found that it always calmed me down.


Even just dressing up a doll. It calmed me down. Maybe it was a familiarity thing?

Throughout my life I've been...

Based on these items: Based on my personal spotting system: These items are Truth. Which will no doubt come as a disappointment to my girlfriend. I laughed my arse off at all of this but my favourite part was the fact that that Claire from The Real L Word totally looks fake and crazy in that screencap. Only half this list is applicale to me so I guess that makes me half a lesbian. This post made me laugh. How do you spot a lesbian am so glad Marni found you and returned you to Riese so you could write this!

I just went to a gay bar and can confirm that I saw many of these behaviours being acted out. Texting is really queer, to me. Barbies did come in handy for one thing, making them engage in sex in various and often somewhat absurd positions. I was not smoking though.

I was an innocent bystander. Not a smoker and people have spoken of my breasts. But, other than that, the list is pretty on the ball. My mom was the same! I think I never had a barbie How do you spot a lesbian a doll but I had so many legos! My parent bought me legos of cars and motorcycle en let me watch Mulholland Drive when I was like My love for girls whas intevitable.

Except when you step on one barefoot in the dark on your way to the bathroom late at night.

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Then they kind of suck. But I guess I confused them because I played with dolls equally and would obsess over their new outfits. And to this day I love DIY How do you spot a lesbian fashion.

Unfortunately my parents never guessed that my barbies were usually lipstick lesbians with crazy soap opera plot lines. Could you please put a warning on your articles containing photos of Rachel Maddow.

It blindsided me and I sat here staring and drooling at the screen for about 5 minutes. May have been longer. Aw I only have 5 out of 15… and I recently made an embroidery which depicted a bag of bertie botts every flavour beans. Ciara, I think I love you. I was just about to post something similar about Skyler. This comment made me die of giggles.

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I should tell my mother that. Pass the mashed potatoes. This is interesting, just the other day I went for a run in boys clothing, while smoking.

I went to a shop near the neighborhood that Natasha Kai grew up in and they had a signed poster of her there. I tried to be discreet as possible but I was overwhelmed by all the hotness in that picture. I always know when How do you spot a lesbian lesbian is in my neighborhood, driving their car down my street, or shopping next to me at the grocery store. You call it creepy. I call it living in a small town.

I am apparently the perfect homosexual. Also, this article is great. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I have not laughed this hard in years.

Dell Richards' book “Lesbian Lists,”...

I kind of really want this list on a t-shirt with the picture of women playing marbles. May I throw money at someone, please? Never really analyzed the way I walk. I suspect the Downton Abbey fanfic writers will be excited about this, since this basically means that both Mary and Sybil are lesbians. In my imagination Sybil has been engaged in a covert lesbian affair with the housemaid she helped get secretarial work since the first season.

This just confirms it.

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This is a public service announcement. This article has been cross posted at Jezebel and the comments section there is full of straight but outspoken, intelligent and marble playing women realising their homosexual potential. Autostraddlers, I think our services might be required!

Much is at stake. Awesome list on dyke swagger! Bernhard is an out bisexual.

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