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Boku no sexual harassment ova

Quality porn Boku no sexual harassment ova.

Boku No Sexual Harassment consists of three OVAs that revolve around the protagonist Junya Mochizuki performing sexual favors in order to help his mentor and lover Kazunori Honma, as well as himself, climb up the company Boku no sexual harassment ova of the computer firm they work for, which is presumably located in TokyoJapan. Mochizuki easily attracts the attention of both men and women in his company, the first of which is his boss, Mr.

Honma, whom Mochizuki has an affair with throughout the three OVAs. The story begins with Junya Mochizuki going on a train to meet several clients in Niigata with his boss, Kazunori Honma, to discuss a product of theirs.

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While Junya is working in Boku no sexual harassment ova cubicle during what appears to be nighttime, he gets interrupted by Honma.

Honma begins to fondle him and although Junya insists that he is not a homosexual, Honma continues nonetheless. The two are then seen in a hotel room, where Junya is taking a shower. After exiting the showerJunya finds that Honma is in his room. Not having realized that his room is a suite where him and Mr. Honma's rooms are connected, he is taken aback at first.

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