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This research investigates differences in men's and women's attitudes toward ads featuring product-relevant sex appeals. It is found that women, but not men, were more Nude women mating wih men toward an ad featuring an attractive opposite-sex model when their commitment thoughts were heightened.

Women were also more negative toward an ad with an attractive same-sex model in the presence of commitment thoughts, but only when they scored high on sociosexuality. Men appeared unaffected, regardless of their level of sociosexuality. Commitment thoughts were manipulated by two types of prime, a parenting prime study1 and a romantic prime study 2. Results are explained by differences in how men and women react to sexual material and by differences in men's and women's evolved mating preferences.

Both women's and men's attitudes toward ads containing irrelevant or overly explicit sex appeals e.


Nevertheless, research has found that attitudes toward ads featuring irrelevant sex appeals are more positive in situations which facilitate intuitive instead of reasoned thinking Sengupta and Dahl, ; Dahl et al.

The reason is that detecting that a certain norm is violated by the ad content requires reasoned thinking Campbell and Kirmani, Further, it was found that when reasoned thinking is restricted, men's attitudes toward irrelevant sex Nude women mating wih men are more positive than women's Sengupta and Dahl, ; Dahl et al.

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Also, among women with more positive attitudes toward sex per seattitudes toward ads featuring irrelevant sex are similar to those of men Sengupta and Dahl, Both evolutionary and social explanations propose that women appreciate sex when perceived within a frame of relationship commitment whereas men appreciate sex whether relational or casual Trivers, ; Buss, ; Schwartz and Rutter, ; Baumeister and Twenge, ; Hill, Evolutionary and social accounts also suggest that men, on average, hold more positive attitudes toward sex itself than women do Griffitt and Kaiser, ; Malamuth, Consequently, women with attitudes that are more positive toward sex per se can be expected to hold attitudes toward ads featuring irrelevant sex that are similar to those of men.

The current research extends previous research by examining the effect of relationship commitment on ad attitudes when the sex appeal is relevantly connected to the advertised product and occurs in a situation that facilitates reasoned thinking. The current research also extends previous research by examining the joint effect on ad attitudes of relationship commitment and general desire toward sex. In the research presented here, irrelevant and overly explicit sex appeals are referred to as gratuitous sex appeals Sengupta and Dahl, and relationship commitment is defined as a commitment between two persons in a long-term relationship in which both parties invest resources, such as parenting and romance Dahl et al.

In situations Nude women mating wih men relevant or non-gratuitous sex appeals and reasoned thinking, thoughts about committed relationships are likely to lead to less favorable ad attitudes among women. Generally, sex that is relevant for the advertised product is likely to be accepted because sex is then seen as part of the product argument. When thoughts about relationship commitment are evoked and reasoning is possible, women are likely to have a different perspective than men on sex appeals.

Reasoned thinking is likely to allow for women's tendency to inhibit themselves in the presence of sexual content Geer and Bellard, ; Geer and Melton, and then to be attuned to cues of a man's nurturing abilities because these are qualities that women search for rationally when they Nude women mating wih men relationship commitment.

When these cues are not readily available in the ad, women's response to sexual ad content is negative and this response is likely Nude women mating wih men spill over into negative ad attitudes.

Relationship commitment thoughts are not expected to change men's perspectives. Like women, men should also accept sexual content when it is a relevant product argument in an ad. Commitment thoughts, however, do not change this acceptance. Unlike women, men are attuned to sexual attractiveness when thinking about relationship commitment. The current research also proposes that women with high sexual desire hold attitudes toward gratuitous sex appeals than are more negative than do women with low sexual desire when relationship commitment thoughts are heightened.

This difference is because high-desire women are more sensitive to competition from other women. Men's attitudes Nude women mating wih men sex-appeal ads will remain unaffected by heightened commitment thoughts and levels of sexual desire. This lack of difference is because men tend to be competitive irrespectively of commitment thoughts and because they vary less than women in levels of sexual desire.

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Two experimental studies are presented in which relationship commitment is primed by evoking thoughts about parenting and romantic arousal, two important ingredients in relationship commitment.

The experimental results generally support the reasoning above. Results should be relevant to advertisers and policy makers that want to convey persuasive Nude women mating wih men. Also when a sex appeal is relevant to a message, there are limits to people's acceptance of the appeal. In two papers Dahl and colleagues Sengupta and Dahl, ; Dahl et al. They found that men are more positive than women are toward such appeals, but that evoked relationship commitment thoughts and positive attitudes toward sex per semake women become more positive toward gratuitous sex appeals.

In one experiment in which the processing of ad information was restricted high cognitive load women's attitudes toward an ad depicting a wristwatch accompanied by Nude women mating wih men nude and copulating couple were more favorable when the watch was framed as a gift from a man to a woman commitment cue than when it was not. Men's attitudes were more positive when the watch was not positioned as a gift. The results for women were corroborated in another, all-female-participants experiment in which relationship commitment was manipulated by means of priming participants with a committed vs.

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Sengupta and Dahl demonstrated that in circumstances in which the processing of ad information was restricted high cognitive loadattitudes toward an ad featuring gratuitous sex appeal wristwatch accompanied by a nude and copulating couple and attitudes toward a product-relevant sex appeal condoms accompanied by a nude and copulating couple were the same. This pattern was the same for men and women, but men had attitudes that were more positive than those of women for both ads.

Sengupta and Dahl also found that women's general attitudes toward sex moderated their reactions toward gratuitous sex in ads. In particular, women with less positive attitudes toward sex held a more favorable attitude toward the nonsexual ad a Nude women mating wih men accompanied by mountain scene than toward the sexual ad a wristwatch accompanied by a nude and copulating couple. Conversely, women with attitudes that were more positive toward sex held attitudes that were more positive toward the sexual ad than toward the nonsexual ad.

In fact, these women held attitudes toward gratuitous sex appeals that are similar to those of men.

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The explanation for the results reviewed above starts with constrained processing, which leads to spontaneous reaction. The relevance of the sexual content therefore plays a minor role and is less likely to violate norms Dahl et al. In the absence of norms, gender differences with respect to attitudes toward sexual content are manifested.

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Men tend to have a more recreational orientation toward sex and a more positive attitude toward sex per se. Women tend to have a more commitment-oriented approach to sex and generally hold more Nude women mating wih men attitudes toward sex per se Hill, Evolutionary psychology explains these gender differences by differential parental investment.

Women have to invest greater resources in bringing a child to birth and in nurturing it than men do. Women are therefore more selective than men are in their mating considerations and look for partners who are likely to commit resources to carry their part of the burden Trivers, ; Buss, Because men have evolved a recreational orientation toward sex, they are also inclined to hold positive attitudes toward sex and portrayals of sex in general Malamuth, Because women have evolved an orientation toward committed relationship and away from casual sex, they are likely to hold attitudes that are more negative toward sex and sexual portrayals than men are.

Socialization-based explanations suggest that social influence from peers, government, religion, and other sources is heavily biased toward promoting a recreational orientation toward sex for men and a relationship orientation for women Schwartz and Rutter, ; Baumeister and Twenge, Further, the socialization process typically exposes girls and boys to different messages and differential message valence about the same sexual stimuli.

This social conditioning, in turn, leads girls and boys to develop different attitudes toward sex and sexual stimuli Griffitt and Kaiser, Although men on average hold more positive attitudes toward sex than women do, some women are more positive than others are.

Such intragender variation may stem from differences in women's childhood experiences, material resources, physical attractiveness, etc. Sengupta and Dahl, Intragender variation also exists for men, but empirical evidence suggests that this variation is more pronounced for women Lippa, The findings reviewed above occurred in a situation where participants' cognitive processing was constrained.

Under this condition, the relevance of the sexual content or the lack of it is unlikely to play a part in the judgment Dahl et al. Because irrelevancy is simply less of an issue when the sexual content and the advertised product are connected, attitudes toward ads with such connected sexual content should be relatively positive even if processing is unconstrained.

What about when processing is unconstrained and the sexual content is perceived Nude women mating wih men be connected to the advertised product? Are Nude women mating wih men always effective when the sexual content appears in relation to products like sun lotions, underwear, or hygiene items, or are attitudes different between men and women and across commitment conditions? Men and women are likely to differ in their attitudes toward ads featuring relevant sexual content when their processing is unrestricted.

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Because sexual behavior, evolutionarily speaking, implies important concerns e. The activation of conscious mechanisms should be facilitated in the absence of factors demanding cognitive and attentional resources, such as experimenter-imposed cognitive load.

An example of a conscious inhibitory mechanism in the context of sexual ad content is the phenomenon known as sexual content—induced delay SCID studied by Geer and colleagues Geer and Bellard, ; Geer and Melton, SCID refers to hesitancy in people's decision-making when they are exposed to sexual material.

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People are less quick to recognize and process sexual information than nonsexual information. SCID is found to Nude women mating wih men more pronounced for women than for men. In lexical decision tasks that included sexual, romantic, and neutral words, women, but not men, displayed longer decision times when the target words were sexual. A similar, but smaller effect was also found for romantic words Geer and Manguno-Mire, Among reported gender differences were different gaze patterns, with men more focused on the sexual stimulus itself e.

A gender difference in SCID makes evolutionary sense. Unlike men, who maximize their mating opportunities, women, who invest more in offspring care and bear the burden during pregnancy, have more to lose from mating indiscriminately Bailey et al.