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Monster dating sim


There are only 3 weeks left until monster prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to raise your stats and seduce one of your classmates. You are a student at a monster highschool. Being a monster can be hard, but getting a date for the monster prom is even harder! You will have a limited number of turns Monster dating sim explore a school full of weird and amazing events that will let you meet 6 of your classmates.

Monster dating sim event full of beautiful art and funny dialogues will lead you to an absurd bifurcation where you will have to make a choice. Each event will raise or lower your stats and improve or mess with your relationship with your classmates.

monster dating sim. Beautiful glitch...

Are you charming enough to go with a certain answer? Are you bold enough to follow a specific choice? Each option can be a potential success or failure. Feel like fighting for Monster dating sim Compete against others to win the affection of the same love interest! Will you come out on Monster dating sim Discover new content in every playthrough!

Your decisions affect the outcome of each scenario, allowing you to unlock an array of funny endings. Sometimes, you may even come upon decisions that affect your friends' journeys -- will you aid them or screw them over?

on Steam. You have 3...

Earn all kinds of achievements to unlock new items in the shop, which can help you in your highschool adventures or even unlock new and absurd events. A penguin mask, a spork, a slave, an erotic fanfic about dragons….

Each monster has different outfits to show. We wanted a true and absurd slice of life game, so we wanted our characters to display different clothes according to their style. The game will have a Monster dating sim amount of endings depending on your choices during the Monster dating sim. But there will be secret endings too.

Secret endings will be unlocked by successfully navigating crazy plots that include a bunch of events. Our main goal is to include at least 2 secret endings per love interest; but Monster dating sim have a lot more in mind if Monster dating sim get enough funding.

Each secret ending has its own unique illustration. We wanted to reflect and parody how love, flirting, relationships, life and sex have change in the last years: We're trying to make the experience as funny and creative as possible. You will have to explore your highschool, but some turns will take place in the cafeteria, where you will have to choose Monster dating sim seat to take, depending on which of your classmates you "Monster dating sim" to romance.

Also, we didn't want all players starting with the same stats, so we came up with this minigame at the beginning of each game session: Don't worry if you want to romance a certain love interest as a certain character!

In Monster Monster dating sim characters don't like boys or girls Turns out, monsters don't really care about sexual orientation. They are probably not even the same species!

In fact it's less work that way. So we decide you can just romance anyone with anyone. Our chars don't like someone for being male or female, but because of their traits: Beautiful Glitch is a videogames studio based in Barcelona. But our real HQ are the internetz. By combining the power rings of these 4 individuals, they can summon Earth's greatest power: But that's not all!

A whole lot of talented folks have helped Monster Prom so far. There are no big risks here. Most of the costs have been already paid. This Kickstarter tries tries to make the last steps easier and see if there's the chance an audience likes the project so much we can go even bigger.

Endless situations

This project shines because of its art and narrative. Now Monster dating sim just a matter of time and hard-work. The programmer has started to explore how to make this possible and an upcoming really basic build will prove that we already have something! Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. It will be some secret forums where people will propose, comment and vote content for the game outfits, secret endings, items We will make it look as an event illustration or a success ending prom illustration of the game!

Items are an important part of the game experience and could feature in different events and endings. For your desgined item, we'll also create a series of special events!

It can be related to one NPC or more or Monster dating sim.

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Become part of the game! Oct 25, - Nov 24, 30 days. Monster dating sim this project Done. Tweet Share Pin Email. Monster Prom [a crazy twist on dating sims! There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates. Support Reward no longer available.

Estimated delivery May Reward no longer available 40 backers. Kickstarter Monster dating sim not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about Monster dating sim. You will be credited in the game itself as "crowd-designer". Backers will unite and together they It's time to get physical!

Ships to Anywhere in the world. Perfect as social media avatar and such!

You have 3 weeks to...

Funding period Oct Monster dating sim, - Nov 24, 30 days. In most dating sims, it's obvious how to romance your crush. You just talk to them over and over, selecting the nicest dialogue responses until.

Multiplayer Monster Dating Sim with awesome art, bold unapologetic humor and hard choices. Out now on Steam. Made by @btflglitch. Published by @. Beautiful Glitch Monster dating sim raising funds for Monster Prom [a crazy twist on dating sims!] on Kickstarter!

Multiplayer Monster Dating Sim with...

There are only 3 weeks left until prom!.

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