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What is a mature black walnut tree worth

Sexy Video What is a mature black walnut tree worth.

I have a sizeable, mature black walnut tree that has become decadent in its old age. The crown is sparse and I fear that this tree has only several years left. I would love for the prized wood to be used as lumber rather than consumed as firewood or utilized as mulch.

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I wanted to know if this particular black walnut tree has any timber value and how does an older lady like me go about finding out who is willing to purchase it? Is it because the tree is a liability or hazard?

Is your tree declining in vigor or unsightly? Is it interfering with your house, deck, patio, driveway, grass, view, fence, neighbor, septic system, sewer, etc.? Therefore, please think twice before taking a chainsaw to your mature yard tree s.

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In reality, here is what every homeowner needs to understand about his or her yard tree, regardless if it is a black walnut, oak, black cherry, hickory, or sugar maple: First, no one is going to pay a homeowner to physically remove one of your yard trees! A service requires payment, i. Finally, can you market the merchantable sawlog portion of your yard tree after the certified arborist has taken it down?

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This task will require some significant effort on you part, as you will need to find and locate a willing buyer. Illinois Custom Sawmill Directory: I have TWO black walnut trees in my yard that need to be cut down cause they are too close to the house.

I need someone who will remove them and, as I am a senior citizen and on a fixed budget, I would hope to receive some money for them as I have concrete and electrical work needed to be done and it would help with the costs.

Thank you and a free estimate would be nice. Sorry to be redundant but I purchased a home built in25 years ago.

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It's very strange as there are six trunks that are all connected. Besides the danger to the house, all the leaves, nuts and nuts, something seems to be dropping off the tree 4 times a year, I'm tired of the squirrels, crows and yes, rats hanging out at my place. I already started taking bids but during the holidays I was at my nephews and saw a beautiful Black Walnut Tree table he had purchased.

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It's very raw looking and quite unique. Can you give me some advice -- I was thinking of contacting the store where he got it. Turning a walnut yard tree into a piece of fine furniture is an excellent idea!

Make sure to inform whomever takes down your tree to ensure you leave the main stem of the tree intact as a potential sawlog for use as lumber.

You might even be able to negotiate with the woodworker whom you commission to make your table for the extra lumber from your walnut tree. Return to Illinois Forestry. Start a black walnut tree plantation with fast growing black walnut trees and earn used to solve one such poaching case, involving a foot tree worth US $28, height of 15 feet depending on the number of years grown in the nursery.