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Does sex matter

xXx Photo Galleries Does sex matter.
I can remember being a...

I have been in a pre-engaged relationship with a great guy for over a year. We also share a lot of the same values socially and politically.

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The only downside is the sex: I feel very torn and frustrated. My question is just how much does sex matter in marriage?

My question is just how...

Are there people who marry their partners and make it work even if the sex was bad to begin with or is that already a recipe for divorce? Way back in college I had a boyfriend that I thought was amazing.

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But one thing was missing: On some fundamental biological level, we were just not compatible. Fast forward to my life partner.

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But the fundamental building block of chemistry has always been there. Like he literally smells amazing to me. So here is my question for you: Like when you smell his sweaty gym shirt do you want to jump him?

Gross, but also a fact of human biology. When you see him and you have energy and are in the mood and all that noisedo you WANT him?