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Dating pangulong corazon aquino family


Maria Corazon " Cory " Cojuangco Aquino [1] January 25, — August 1, was a Filipino politician who served as the 11th President of the Philippines and became the first woman to hold that office. She was widely accredited as the "Mother of Asian Democracy". The first female president in the Philippines, Aquino was the most prominent figure of the People Power Dating pangulong corazon aquino familywhich toppled the year rule of President Ferdinand Marcos.

She was named Time magazine's Woman of the Year in Prior to this, she had not held any other elective office. She was considered the leader of the world's most successful non-violent and bloodless peace revolution against a dictatorial regime.

A self-proclaimed "plain housewife ", [2] she was married to Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. She emerged as leader of the opposition after her husband was assassinated on August 21, upon returning to the Philippines from exile in the United States. In lateMarcos called for snap electionsand Aquino ran for president with former senator Salvador Laurel as her Vice President.

After the elections were held on February 7,the Batasang Pambansa proclaimed Marcos and his running mate, Arturo Tolentinoas the winners amid allegations of electoral fraudwith Aquino calling for massive civil disobedience actions. Defections from the Armed Forces of Dating pangulong corazon aquino family Philippines and the support of the local Catholic hierarchy led to the People Power Revolution that ousted Marcos and secured Aquino's Dating pangulong corazon aquino family on February 25, As President, Aquino oversaw the promulgation of the Constitutionwhich limited the powers of the Presidency and re-established the bicameral Congress.

Maria Corazon "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino...

Her administration gave strong emphasis and concern for civil liberties and human rightsand on peace talks to resolve the ongoing Communist insurgency and Islamist secession movements. Her economic policies centered on restoring economic health and confidence Dating pangulong corazon aquino family focused on creating a market-oriented and socially responsible economy. Aquino faced several coup attempts against her government and various natural calamities until the end of her term in She was succeeded as President by Fidel Ramosand returned to civilian life while remaining public about her opinions on political issues.

In recognition for her role in the world's most peaceful revolution Dating pangulong corazon aquino family attain democracy, Dating pangulong corazon aquino family was awarded the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award in InAquino was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and died on August 1, Her monuments of peace and democracy were established in the capital Manila and her home province of Tarlac after her death.

Throughout her life, Aquino was known to be a devout Roman Catholicand was fluent in FrenchJapaneseSpanishand English aside from her native Tagalog and Kapampangan. Both Aquino's parents came from prominent clans. Her father was a prominent Tarlac businessman and politician, and her grandfather, Melecio Cojuangco, was a member of the historic Malolos Congress. Her mother belonged to the Sumulong family of Rizal province who were also politically influential; Juan Sumulonga prominent member of the clan, ran against Commonwealth President Manuel L.

As a young girl, Aquino spent her elementary school days at St. Scholastica's College in Manila, where she graduated on top of her class as valedictorian. She transferred to Assumption Convent to pursue high school studies. Afterwards, she and her family Dating pangulong corazon aquino family to the United States and attended the Assumption-run Ravenhill Academy in Philadelphia.

She then pursued her college education in the U.

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During her stay in the United States, Aquino volunteered for the Dating pangulong corazon aquino family of U. Republican presidential candidate Thomas Dewey against then Democratic U. Truman during the U. After graduating from college, she returned to the Philippines and studied law at Far Eastern University in Aquino had initially had difficulty adjusting to provincial life when she and her husband moved to Concepcion, Tarlac in Aquino found herself bored in Concepcion, and welcomed the opportunity to have dinner with her husband inside the American military facility at nearby Clark Field.

Unknown to many, she voluntarily sold some of her prized inheritance to fund the candidacy of her husband. She led a modest existence in a bungalow in suburban Quezon City.

Alternative Titles: Maria Corazon Aquino,...

A member of the Liberal PartyAquino's husband Ninoy rose to become the youngest governor in the country and eventually became the Dating pangulong corazon aquino family senator ever elected to the Senate of the Philippines in During her husband's political career, Aquino remained a housewife who helped raise their children and played hostess to her spouse's political allies who would frequent their Quezon City home.

Ninoy Aquino soon emerged as a leading critic of the government of President Ferdinand Marcos. He was then touted as a strong candidate for president to succeed Marcos in the elections. However, Marcos, being barred by the Constitution to seek a third term, declared martial law on September 21,and later abolished the existing Constitutionthereby allowing him to remain in "Dating pangulong corazon aquino family."

Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, the eleventh President...

As a consequence, her husband was among those to be first arrested at the onset of martial law, later being sentenced to death. During his incarceration, Ninoy sought strength from prayer, attending daily Mass and Dating pangulong corazon aquino family the rosary three times a day. As a measure of sacrifice and solidarity with her husband and all other political prisoners, she enjoined her children from attending parties and she also stopped going to the beauty salon or buying new clothes until a priest advised her and her children to instead live as normal lives as possible.

Indespite her initial opposition, Aquino decided to run in the Batasang Pambansa elections. A reluctant speaker, Corazon Aquino campaigned on behalf of her husband, and for the first time in her life delivered a political speech.

Inupon the intervention of U. President Jimmy Carter[2] Marcos allowed Senator Aquino and his family to leave for exile in the United States, where he sought medical treatment. Corazon Aquino returned to the Philippines a few days later and led her husband's funeral procession, in which more than two million people participated.

Following her husband's assassination inAquino became active and visible in various demonstrations and protests held against the Marcos regime. She began to assume the mantle of leadership left by her husband Ninoy and started to become the symbolic figurehead of the anti-Marcos political opposition. In the last week of NovemberMarcos surprised Dating pangulong corazon aquino family nation by announcing on American television that he would hold a snap presidential election in February Dating pangulong corazon aquino family, in order to dispel and remove doubts against his regime's legitimacy and authority.

Initially reluctant, Aquino was eventually prevailed upon to heed the people's clamor, after one million signatures urging her to run for president were presented to her. Salvador Laurel only gave way to Cory after a political deal which was later reneged by Cory after the election. According to Salvador Laurel's diary, Cory offered Laurel that he would be her Prime Minister, that she would step down in two years, that Laurel would name 30 percent of the Cabinet, that she would appoint the remaining 70 percent after close Dating pangulong corazon aquino family with Laurel.

With that, the Aquino-Laurel tandem was formally launched "Dating pangulong corazon aquino family" challenge Marcos and finally put an end to his two-decade rule. In the subsequent political developments and events, given Ninoy's links with the Communist, [14] Marcos charged that Aquino was being supported by communists and agreed to share power with them once elected into power.

A political novice, Aquino categorically denied Marcos' charge and even stated that she would not appoint a single communist to her cabinet. Marcos also attacked Aquino's inexperience and warned the country that it would be a disaster if a woman like her with no previous political experience was to be elected president, to which Aquino cleverly and sarcastically responded, admitting that she had "no experience in cheating, lying to the public, stealing government money, and killing political opponents".

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The snap election called by Marcos which was held on February 7,was marred by massive electoral fraud, violence, intimidation, coercion and disenfranchisement of voters. Election Day proved to be bloody as one of Aquino's staunchest allies, former Antique province Governor Evelio Javierwas brutally murdered, allegedly by some of Marcos' supporters in his province.

Furthermore, during the counting and tallying of votes conducted by the Commission on Elections COMELEC30 poll computer technicians walked out to dispute and contest the alleged election-rigging being done in favor of Marcos.

In protest to the declaration of the Philippine parliament, Aquino called for a rally dubbed "Tagumpay ng Bayan" People's Victory Rally the following day, during which she claimed that she was the real winner in the snap election and urged Filipinos to boycott the products and services by companies controlled or owned by Marcos' cronies. The rally held at the historic Rizal Park in Dating pangulong corazon aquino family, Manila drew a mammoth-sized crowd, which sent a strong signal that Filipinos were Dating pangulong corazon aquino family tired of Marcos' two decades of rule and the lengths to which he would go to perpetuate it.

Further, the dubious election "Dating pangulong corazon aquino family" drew sharp reactions from both local quarters and foreign countries. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines CBCP issued a statement strongly criticizing Dating pangulong corazon aquino family conduct of the election which was characterized by violence and fraud.

The United States Senate likewise condemned the election. President Ronald Reagan to help defuse the tension. This was the same day that Ferdinand E. Marcos fled the country. Ramossurprised the entire nation and the international community when they announced their defection from the Marcos government, citing strong belief that Aquino was the real winner in the contested presidential elections.

Cardinal Sin appealed to the public in a broadcast over Church-run Radio Veritasand millions of Filipinos trooped to the part of Epifanio De los Santos Avenue between the two camps to give their support and prayers for the rebels.

Mga nilalaman

At that Dating pangulong corazon aquino family, Aquino was meditating in a Carmelite convent in Cebuand upon learning of the defection, she urged people to rally behind Minister Dating pangulong corazon aquino family and General Ramos.

Aquino flew back to Manila to prepare for the takeover of the government, and after three days of peaceful mass protestswas sworn in as the eleventh President of the Philippines on February 25, The triumph of the peaceful People Power Revolution and the ascension of Corazon Aquino into power "Dating pangulong corazon aquino family" the end of authoritarian rule in the Philippines and the dawning of a new era for Filipinos.

The relatively peaceful manner by which Aquino came into power drew international acclaim and admiration not only for her but for the Filipino people, as well.

She was the first female president of the country and the only "Dating pangulong corazon aquino family" with Dating pangulong corazon aquino family political background. She is also regarded as the first female president in Asia. She abolished the Constitution that was in Dating pangulong corazon aquino family during Martial Lawand by decree issued the provisional Freedom Constitution pending the ratification of a more formal, comprehensive charter.

This allowed her to exercise both executive and legislative powers until the ratification of the Constitution and the restoration of Congress in Aquino promulgated two landmark legal codesnamely, the Family Code ofwhich reformed the civil law on family relations, and the Administrative Code ofwhich reorganized the structure of the executive branch of government. Another landmark law that was enacted during her tenure was the Local Government Codewhich devolved national government powers to local government units LGUs.

The new Code enhanced the power of LGUs to enact local taxation measures and assured them of a share in the national revenue. Aquino closed down the Marcos-dominated Batasang Pambansa to prevent the new Marcos loyalist opposition from undermining her democratic reforms and reorganized the membership of the Supreme Court to restore its independence. In Maythe reorganized Supreme Court declared the Aquino government as "not merely a de facto government but in fact and law a de jure government", whose legitimacy had been affirmed by the community of nations.

The Con-Com completed its final draft in October The ratification of the new Constitution was followed by the election of senators and congress that same year and the holding of local elections in After weighing all possible options such as choosing not to pay, Aquino eventually chose to honor all the debts that were previously incurred in order to clear the country's image.

Her decision proved to be unpopular but Aquino defended that it was the most practical move. It was crucial for the country at that time to regain the investors' confidence in the Philippine economy. Furthermore, recognizing how crony capitalism weakened the economy due to collusion between government and big business and adhering to the Catholic social principle of subsidiarityPresident Aquino set Dating pangulong corazon aquino family on a course of market liberalization agenda while at the same time emphasizing solidarity, people empowerment and civic engagement to help alleviate poverty Dating pangulong corazon aquino family the country.

The Aquino administration also sought to bring back fiscal discipline in order as it aimed to trim down the government's budget deficit that ballooned during Marcos' term through privatization of bad government assets and deregulation of many vital industries.

As president, Aquino sought out to dismantle the cartelsmonopolies and oligopolies of important industries that were set up by Marcos cronies during the Dating pangulong corazon aquino family days of Martial Law, particularly in the sugar and coconut industries. By discarding these monopolies and allowing market-led prices and competition, small farmers and producers were given a fair chance to sell their produce and products at a more reasonable, competitive and profitable price.

This, in a way, also helped a lot in improving the lot of farmers who are in dire need of increasing their personal income and earnings. The economy posted a positive growth of 3. But in the Dating pangulong corazon aquino family of the coup attempt by the rightist Reform the Armed Forces Movementinternational confidence in the Philippine economy was seriously damaged.

During her presidency, Aquino made fighting inflation one of her priorities, after reeling from skyrocketing prices during the Martial Law years, in which at one point inflation reached Although inflation peaked at Alternative Titles: Maria Corazon Aquino, Maria Corazon Cojuangco dates.

August 1 · January Corazon Aquino, in full Maria Corazon Aquino, née politically prominent family based in Tarlac province, north of Manila. Talambuhay ni dating pangulong corazon aquino. Siya noong Marso Jose Rizals Family Tree Introduced ang Pangulong Ferdinand. Kapanganakan at AM. Corazon Aquino succeeded Ferdinand Marcos as president Dating pangulong corazon aquino family the Philippines in Cojuangco was born January 25,in the Tarlac Province to a wealthy political and banking family.

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